Private Readings

The private readings take place at my home (see contact me for details). Before I begin I make a Link with the spirit guide who works with me and connect With the vibration of the sitter. Then I pass on any help and Guidance that is given me from spirit about your situation Now and in the year ahead. And answer any questions You have about your situation or concerns about loved Ones.

For those wanting to contact loved ones in spirit, I ask For an article to hold that belonged to their loved one, his helps me to connect with their vibration. And if they want to make contact they will draw in close and give messages of love and comfort.


Excerpt from thankyou letter received recently

‘This is just a brief note to express my deepest thanks for the amazing meeting I had with Pam yesterday afternoon. It has helped me enormously and given me the confidence to go forwards in my life and has already been of great comfort to several family members.’ Derek -Portsmouth

The readings last for approx. 40-45mins and recorded to a CD for you to take away, or if you wish an audio tape is provided . The cost of the reading is £30.

If a sitter requests healing for an ailment provided there is sufficient time I will willingly give them healing for no extra charge.

To book a reading ring me on 023 9269 31 69, or if you can't get me on that number, text 07989-534673 and I'll get back to you, for further enquiries e-mail me on