Horoscope Readings

For a horoscope reading I would need the time, Date and place of birth so that I could prepare the chart Beforehand. A birth chart is printed out on the computer But the reading is done personally as I explain how the Chart describes the character and personality of the Sitter, and the areas of strength and weakness in the chart.Also where the planets have progressed to in the chart And how that reflects what is happening in your life at This time, what can be done to help your situation whether In your personal life, health or career. The majority of the reading work I do is by using my own skills, developed over decades of practise, and will be directly pertinent to YOU -I do not use computer generated assessments as some astrologers do!

Many people come back for a yearly in depth update. Other facilities are comparing the charts of couples noting where the areas of compatibility lie and where the areas of difficulty lie. I also do written babies charts, these are often requested by parents or grandparents and consist of ten pages of information in a presentation folder together with a small inspired painting in the front and back pages. The information covers a description of the character and personality of the child from birth to age 18, together with general information about their health and well being. Where their talents lie in regard to possible career direction when they become adults.

All personal horoscope readings and updates are recorded to CD, and can be taped if you wish, and the chart wheels are printed by computer. These cost £30. The cost of the typed babies chart is £40, a month should be allowed for the completion of this chart because of the work involved.

To book a reading ring me on 023 92693169, or if you can't get me on that number, text 07989-534673 and I'll get back to you, for further enquiries e-mail me on enquiries@pamelaashenden.co.uk