About Pamela Ashenden

I have worked with the public as a spiritual medium for over thirty years, and feel grateful that I am able to do the work that I love. My interest in matters of a psychic nature began with me developing automatic writing as a teenager, through this medium I came to know my main guide in spirit and was able to receive help and guidance from him. I discovered that my grandfather was a respected healer.

My mother was a trance medium and healer and initially I began sitting in a small home circle and received guidance from the communicators who were channelled through my mother. I was advised to join another group in order to develop my mediumship, and shortly afterwards I met my future husband who ran a charity called the Joseph Carey Psychic Foundation. He is an excellent medium and teacher and through his and my communicators teaching I was able to develop my mediumistic skills and subsequently joined him in working on the public platform.

Over the years I have become qualified as an Astrologer, psychic artist and more recently have become a qualified hypnotherapist. For a number of years I have been teaching Astrology and have a lot of fun seeing the look of surprise and wonder on the faces of the students when they see how accurately they can interpret their charts. I started Chakra Development meditation classes a few years ago working as a medium with groups of students in collaboration with the JCPF charity. The wonderful effect of connecting with the spiritual side of our nature creates a powerful vibration in the group and everyone benefits.

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A relaxing hypnotherapy session to remove stress followed by psychic and spiritual Healing to rebalance the energy in body & mind. Duration approximately 1 hour 15 minutes. Cost £35.00

Telephone 023 9269 3169


or email Pam.ashenden@ntlworld.com




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"If you are interested in inspirational art check out my new art website

" http://pamashenden.wix.com/spiritinart"

Go to my 'Inspired Art' page to view some of the paintings that have been on show in Art Exhibitions.


The next JCPF Chakra/Mindfulness Meditation course programme is on Friday mornings 10.30 a.m. - 1.00 p.m. starting on 19th January 2018 for nine weeks, at 250, Chichester Road, North End, Portsmouth PO2 0AU. Plenty of parking immediately outside the property. An ideal psychic & spiritual development course for beginners and improvers which you can join on the second week if you can't make the first! This is now followed by a 10 week advanced psychic & spiritual development course in the spring of 2018 developing the skills of healing, clairvoyance, inspirational art and psychometry.

Why not put your name down for this course NOW -I'll put your name on the waiting list for future courses -first come -first served! just go to www.jcpf.co.uk and look up chakra courses to read more about it!

New! Soul Journey / One-to-One Development!

I am now providing a new exciting addition to my teaching programmes! My Spirit Guides have inspired me to offer Soul Journeying -a discovery of your individual Self needs, via one-to-one guided meditations. Sessions last approximately one hour, but allow longer for preparation and chat. By appointment only, either daytime or evening. Contact me to find out more, by phone (02392693169) or email: pam.ashenden@ntlworld.com -or you can text this mobile phone and the message will get passed onto me. 07989-534673 and I will get back to you.


Every year I teach an Astrology programme -that starts with a Beginners course and continues to intermediate and advanced levels. In 2018 this programme begins on Tuesday 16th January with the JCPF Astrology Foundation course for Beginners and the follow on courses continue to run on Tuesday evenings (7.30 -10.00 p.m.).

I only run one of these programmes yearly so if you are interested in learning Astrology from A to Z this is your opportunity -let me know if you are interested!!

For details of activities taking place at the Joseph Carey Psychic Foundation see the charity’s website www.jcpf.co.uk